WTRQ Pendant

Fall Sensor

The WTRQ pendant is waterproof and can be submerged up to 20 feet underwater.  The lithium battery powered WTRQ has a typical life of 5.5 years.

As falls in the elderly become a significant cause of morbidity and seriously affect the health of those who fall, Fall Sensor provides one of the most effective solutions to minimize the potential harm falls may do to older adults. Worn by the user as a neck pendant 24 hours a day, Fall Sensor automatically raises alarm calls to the monitoring center and activates the medical alarm to open two-way voice communication when detecting a fall. Its fall detection reports make sure help reaches the user at the earliest possible time. The user can also press the Fall Sensor button to summon help when in need.

Panic Button  PB-23/PB-7

PB-7 and PB-23 are fixed panic buttons for the user to summon emergency help with one button press. The devices’ big red buttons make them easy to reach in urgent circumstances. PB-7 and PB-23 feature long battery life of more than six years.

Smoke Detector

Small-sized smoke detectors SD-7 and SD-8 utilize optical chamber technology to detect smoke particles and are microprocessor-controlled to provide ultimate reliability. Siren output is 95dB at one meter. The silence feature temporarily quiets an alarm for 10 minutes. SD-7 and SD-8 provide different radio frequencies.

PIR Motion Detector

The highly affordable indoor PIR motion detector IR-29 Series is an ideal combination of excellent performance and exceptional battery life. The sensitivity levels of IR-29 Series can be configured to suit different premises. Adopting state-of-the-art RF technologies, IR-29-F1 and IR-29-F2 guarantee fast speed signal transmission and extensive communication range. Alkaline and Lithium batteries are available for selection.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Carbon Monoxide Detector provides round-the-clock protection to your family by detecting dangerous presence of carbon monoxide in your home. 
 Using electrochemical CO sensor technology, it is capable of sensing carbon monoxide levels as low as 50ppm and calling out for help via the Control Panel. With its completely wireless, battery-operated feature as well as built-in siren for audio alert, the Carbon Monoxide Detector is one of the safest, most reliable and elegantly designed Carbon Monoxide Detectors on the market.

PERS Accessories

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